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Isn't it amazing that something so tiny can hold such a big place in your heart and change so much about who you are? How in the world can one little human being make you see life so differently now? Through the many night wakings, the demanding schedule of a baby, or even the loss of some independence...all those aspects of life that you might have feared prior to having a baby, are now part of your life without even realizing how much selflessness is being poured out.

In motherhood, one of the greatest treasures I've found is how my selfish and often agenda-driven heart has no choice but to either get frustrated with the demands that my children place on me, or to surrender those feelings to the Lord and pray for strength, patience, and endurance to do this job well. It's no easy task raising little ones, which is why I am so thankful for good friends like this family right here and the grace of Jesus who gives me a fresh start every day.

Stacey has been one of my very best friends since the end of our college years. She's been there for us as we got married, moved several times, and had 3 babies of our own. Now, it's their turn to join us in this season of parenting babies, and I couldn't have been more grateful and excited to photograph them as a new family of 3 in their home!

If you're expecting a little one, I would LOVE to capture some of these sweet new moments for your family as well! Let's chat! You can connect with me right HERE!

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