The Artz Family | Golden Hour Family Session in Manheim, PA

There's something so "magical" looking about that time of day when the sun is the softest and it just seems to illuminate everything. Since I started this little business almost a year ago, looking for good sunlight has been something I'm constantly keeping an eye out for.

And this summer sunlight that we're just starting to see is exactly what I'm talking about-- the hour before sunset, aka Golden Hour or Magic Hour. One of the many reasons why summer is my favorite season!

Realizing that this time of day always produces the most beautiful lighting in pictures, I wanted to be able to offer these sessions to as many of my clients this summer (since I'll be ending sessions at the end of September to prepare for baby #3!). From this thought, came a brand new mini session series called GOLDEN HOUR MINI SESSIONS! Click here for all the details and to sign up for your family's session!

To kick off the early summer season and bask in all the golden hour goodness, my first outdoor family session of the season was one of my favorites so far! Take a look and you'll see why! I've known Janelle since we were babies and she's been one of my best friends since our awkward middle school days. So getting the chance to photograph her sweet family in this beautiful field of red clovers at golden hour was such a great way to begin the season.

Janelle has three little girls who made this session so much fun! Like any parent of toddlers, the fear of your child not behaving well or "smiling the whole time" is a very likely thought...but I reassured Janelle before the session began that I'm going to have them playing, snuggling, tickling, and interacting with each other most of the time. Not forcing the girls to sit and look at the camera the whole time (because that's just not natural for kids anyways!). From this more playful approach, we were able to capture much more genuine, natural reactions and pictures that will remind Janelle and Kirk of how their daughters were at this point in time. Here's a peek of some of my favorites from their family session!

If this more playful, natural style of photo session makes you want to bottle up some of your own family's love, snuggles, and joy, you can reach out to me HERE! I'd love to do this for you, too!

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