A Valentine's Day Themed In-Home Lifestyle Session

Creating memories with family and documenting them are moments that have come to mean so much to me as I continue down this path of motherhood. I want to be able to look back at pictures years from now and remember each stage, feel that sense of nostalgia, and remember the hard days, the fun days, and the fly by the seat of our pants days! These are the moments that I want to capture so that my own children can remember them-- the days that seem to never end, and days when I just don't want them to end. Life. Motherhood. Our journey together.

Ashlee and Lexi are sisters who's kiddos are best friends-- and that was pretty evident only a few minutes into their session! They'd been wanting to photograph their kids doing some baking together and suggested we do that for their In-Home Lifestyle Session. And what was even better was that they could be in so many pictures alongside their kids! As Mommas, many times we are the ones behind the camera taking pictures of the rest of our family, so it was great to be able to document the connections and emotions that Ashlee and Lexi had with their kids during our time together.

During their session, I was able to capture many fun, candid moments-- lots of cookie baking, icing and sprinkle eating, snuggling and reading books together, playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie, and being together as cousins. Here's a peek at some of their In-Home Lifestyle Session! Thanks for letting me take these pictures for you Ashlee and Lexi, I hope you enjoy them!

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