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I've said it many times before, and it's still true! Being able to photograph and document the first days of a tiny baby's life in the place where they'll be raised is my FAVORITE part of this job. Yep, if I had to pick just one best part, it would be newborn sessions. And it's always an added bonus being able to do this for one of my friends.

It's those early days when a family is still adjusting to having another tiny little human in their house, where a full night's sleep seems eternities away, where Mom is trying her hardest to get the hang of this thing called nursing, and first-time parents are asking "Is this normal?!", and also the days when your baby will never be this little's those days that you'll look back on months or years later and question how you ever made it through. But then realize that those days didn't seem so long after all and your once teeny tiny newborn baby is now a toddler or getting ready to head off to school.

It's those days that I want to document for each family-- capturing the endless snuggles with their sweet babe as they learn how to do life with one more and photographing all the tiny characteristics so you don't forget just how itty bitty they once were. I still look back frequently at the newborn pictures of my own kids and am so thankful to have that stage documented, even if they only stayed that small for a very short time!

My time with the Landis family was extra special, not only are they close friends of ours, but instead of photographing one little baby, I got to photograph TWO! If you don't know Shane and Emily's story of adoption, go ahead and read more about it here. It's an amazing one that displays God's faithfulness plus even more than they could have even expected. Miles and Hope were such sweeties for their session and it's evident that there is no shortage of siblings to give snuggles or kisses to them! Thanks so much for letting me take these photos for you, Emily and Shane! Enjoy this sneak peek from their In-Home Lifestyle Session!

If you're an expectant Momma and want to document your little baby's newborn days in your own home, I'd love to do them for you! I'll be taking a few months off between October and January to have our 3rd baby but beginning shortly after 2020 I'll be taking on In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions again. You can contact me right HERE.

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