Lehman Family Session | Fort Washington State Park

It's such a gift to have friends that come into your life at different points in time, where each relationship brings something special. But what's even more amazing is friendships that have lasted and endured for many, many years. Mike and Dion have known each other since early elementary school and have been best friends since then. It was so much fun to catch up with Dion and Rachel and meet their 8-month old son, Elliot. I love the 6-12 month stage with babies, as their little personalities start to emerge and exciting milestones are developed. Elliot was such a content little guy, and he didn't even mind getting his picture taken. Dion and Rachel tried all their tricks to get him to give his big, toothy grin but Elliot was too interested in the new feeling of grass and taking in his surroundings to appease us. But just as soon as my camera went back in my bag at the end of their session, he gave me the sweetest smile! It was so nice getting to catch up with you, Dion and Rachel, and finally getting to meet little Elliot!

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