Leo's 1st Birthday! | Milestone Birthday Shoot and Cake Smash

It's hard to believe that just one year ago today we were welcoming our baby boy into this world! As I look back at pictures of that day as well as ones from this past year, it's amazing to see how much one tiny, human being can impact your world so much. As tiring as that first year is, with nursings round the clock, the endless game of getting your baby on a good sleep schedule, and trying to fit everything else into the busy day, all of those struggles just seem to dissipate as that sweet baby gives his first smile, sleeps through the night, or calls you "Mama". How can that little baby, as demanding as they are, bring you so much joy and selflessness? What a precious gift the Lord has blessed us with to become parents-- it's unlike anything else and something I will forever cherish.

Ever since Mike and I thought about our future family back when we were dating, I always knew I wanted a little girl named Sophie. Three years ago she came into our lives and has made us so happy to be her parents. But then a year and a half later when we found out we were going to have a baby boy, I began wondering how in the world am I going to raise a little boy?! I grew up with sisters and then having a little girl of my own, I only knew all things girl! That changed quickly as Leo was born. He brings so much to this family that is unique to himself. He is so so snuggly, has a sweet, sensitive personality, loves cars, trucks, and anything that he can push around the floor, has the bluest eyes just like his Daddy, and gives the most heart-melting smiles when we give him even the slightest bit of attention. He's definitely proven to be our more laid-back and content baby, and we eagerly await to see how his little personality is shaped over the next year.

Oh little Leo, you have stolen our hearts and have made me so blessed to be your Mommy. We pray that you will grow into a strong, courageous little boy and that you would know that the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Happy 1st Birthday Leo!

The week leading up to Leo's birthday, I did a cake smash session with him. I'd seen the cutest cake smash pictures from some of my friends and thought it would be something fun to try for his 1st birthday! It was a lot of fun, but Leo wasn't the biggest fan of his cake-- and definitely didn't like having icing all over his fingers and legs! He was pretty much over the cake smash after a few minutes and instead crawled inside the tepee and sat there smirking at us with icing all over ourselves! Definitely the messiest photo session I've done yet!

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