Mompreneurs | An Interview with Skincare Consultant Tam Latimer

As my first season of running a lifestyle photography business came to an end in December, I had some time to sit and reflect during the off-season. What areas of this business give me the most joy and passion? What areas were the hardest for me and need to be reevaluated in order to have a healthy, balanced business while still being a stay-at-home Mommy? Taking all the high and lows into consideration, I realized a few things. Do I love capturing special moments for my clients? YES! Do I enjoy being creative in post-processing as I work to create images that my clients will enjoy? YES! But there's always been one area of my business that I find myself most eager to get to-- blogging.

Being a Mommy is the best job I've ever had and I am blessed to be in a season of life where my biggest responsibilities are raising my children. But throw in a part-time business and some days it's downright hard to juggle it all! So this is the start of a series that I'd like to blog about-- where I highlight other women who are both stay-at-home moms and creative professionals.

Last month I had the chance to do a lifestyle session for one of my great friends, Tam Latimer, and take a peek into how she runs a part-time business while being a stay-at-home mom. Get to know Tam in my short interview with her and see how she does it!

Describe your business and how you became interested in it. - I own a virtual skincare franchise and coach others on how to earn a flexible stream of income! I am a teacher turned corporate gal and found that in both of these worlds, there wasn't much room for the motherhood I had envisioned for myself and for my family. I worked full-time at my corporate job until my daughter Miriam was 15 months old. I was burned out, but still need a substantial income for our family. I was desperately looking for an alternative, but I had no idea what. Rodan + Fields was the answer I was looking for and I knew a company of this caliber, giving me the opportunity to share in their success, was going to be my way out! I could work from my laptop or phone, on my terms, and in very part-time hours and still make a good income. Plus that cute little baby had left me with some dark under eye circles and some hormonal acne I wasn't too fond of!

What makes you most passionate about your business? - The teacher side of me has fallen in love with the mentorship and coaching side of what I do. Nothing makes me happier than being able to watch others do things they never thought possible because of their businesses! I also love that I can be so confident in sharing about the products, because I have seen them completely transform my skin! My clients have so much confidence now, and knowing that I was a part of that makes me so happy!

How do you juggle being a stay-at-home-Mom and business owner?- Oh's not easy I'll say that much! Haha I'm a little crazy and I want it all - the full-time mom, and thriving business owner! So it takes sacrifice - I always say I traded Netflix in for a paycheck and that's a huge truth! I want to be fully present with my kids during the day, so thankfully I am able to get work done here and there (between nap times and snack breaks!) but I'm very intentional about having set time for my business after my kids are in bed at night. Being an entrepreneur takes consistency and dedication, even on days when I don't always feel like it!

What was the best advice you ever received?- Best advice in business - always put the interest of others before your own. In parenting - everything is a phase!

Take us through a brief day in the life of you and your kids!- On week days Greg, my husband, goes to work before the kids get up, so it's me and the kids for breakfast and trying to plan out what our day will look like! Usually we have an activity in the morning, or just hang at home before Wade takes his morning nap. Then Miriam and I get some much needed Mommy/daughter time. I try to incorporate some games/learning activities in there, but let's be honest, half the time I'm making "let's fold the laundry that's been in the dryer for 3 days" sound like the best game ever! Lunch is usually at home or on the days we're out and about Chick-fil-A is always on my radar for a quick lunch! In between all the craziness I'm usually answering messages for my clients or team, or squeezing in a quick phone call during naps/TV time for Miriam. We love having play dates with friends as much as possible, and I absolutely love the freedom of being able to do that! Greg works pretty late most days, so late afternoon/evenings I have to get creative to keep the natives happy. I try to involve Miriam with helping me prep dinner, even if it takes me 10 times longer! After the kiddos and I have dinner, bath time is my saving grace! They both love playing in the tub, so that's how I bide my time before Greg gets home and before the kids are in bed!

For more information about Tam's skincare business with Rodan + Fields visit her page here. You can also follow her on Instagram at @tamlatimer.

P.S. If you are a creative professional and would like photos of you and your business, I'd love to take them for you! Get in touch here!

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