Sophie's 3rd Birthday! | Milestone Session in Lancaster, PA

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

There are few things in life that are comparable to the joy that is felt when you become a Mommy. When a baby enters the world, it's as if the person you once were has suddenly shifted and you now take on a whole new role-- nurturer, teacher, role model, secure anchor, confidant, disciplinarian, but most importantly the role of loving that sweet babe with a selfless heart. Motherhood is far from an easy job and most days it's downright hard, but as I sit back and reflect on the past three years, I wouldn't trade the bad napping days, the tantrums, or even the days where I feel like every little thing is a power struggle. I realize that I simply cannot control how my child turns out, but am here to guide her, to teach her, and to speak the truth of Christ into her little heart each and every day. Given this role is such a blessing, but what's even more comforting is that the Lord has a plan for my daughter's life-- he knows just who she will become and the legacy that she will leave on this world.

Three years ago, one of my biggest dreams came true as our daughter, Sophie Noelle, became part of our family. Sophie is a spunky, empathetic, independent little girl. When thinking of how I wanted to document her third birthday with photographs, I knew that I wanted to capture her true personality so that we can look back on these pictures and remember just how she was at this milestone. A few of her favorite things are anything pink and sparkly, ice cream with sprinkles, picking flowers, having tea parties with "real tea", being outside, and riding her tricycle. When we told Sophie that part of her 3rd birthday pictures involved a huge ice cream cone loaded with rainbow sprinkles, she beamed from ear to ear!

I also wanted to capture Sophie's sweet, girly personality too, so another evening we went to Overlook Park and had fun picking wildflowers and having a tea party with "strawberry tea". I believe the bond between a mother and her daughter gets stronger as opportunities to engage in genuine, real-life experience are learned. Sophie is now beginning to want to cook with me, have tea parties with me, and help me do lots of things around the house. I adore and love both of my children dearly, but there truly is something so special about the relationship between a mother and daughter that I am so blessed to be able to experience both with my Mom and now with Sophie.

Happy 3rd birthday Sophie! We love you so much, sweet girl, and pray that you always have that spunky energy, determination, and that your love for others would be sincere and filled with compassion.

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